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Tasting Room

The Module

The Grower Contracts Module is an optional addition to the Winery Management base software. Grower contracts are set up and referenced by a Grower’s Identification Code. Each Grower may have multiple contracts, with contract detail defined for unlimited grape varieties and vintage years. Grower contracts, grape receipts and payments are all linked. The grower payments are automatically calculated according to receipt data and the contract’s year/variety detail.

Pricing and Payment

The contract detail includes the pricing structure, which determines the price of every grape receipt. The pricing structure is very flexible, allowing you to define unlimited brix ranges, with associated penalties or bonuses. In addition, you may specify that each receipt be priced according to the average brix of all receipts linked to the specified contract’s year/variety detail. Each grape receipt is re-priced as it is entered. The contract detail stores a base price per ton, and allows up to three price revisions.

The system captures haulage fees, broker fees, and state inspection fees as part of the pricing calculation. User defined fees may be established and utilized.

The contract payment system issues checks, remittance advice reports and statements. Advance payments and manual checks are also supported. An inquiry of grower payables with full receipt detail is available on demand.

Preparation of the California State Crush Report is also part of this module.

Key Features

This module's features include:

  • Grower Contracts by Year and Variety

  • Payments by Contract Brix Range with Penalty or Bonus

  • Payments by Average Brix

  • Delivered Price per Ton

  • Price Override Facility

  • Freight Deductions

  • Payment Checks and Remittance Advice

  • Bank Account Reconciliation

Grape Payments

Multiple table driven methods of grower payments. Progressive pool payment system allows flexible grower payments with detailed remittance advice.

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